Flamborough Tawny Pipit

I thought I would head up to Flamborough again this morning really to target the tawny pipit but also have another crack at the crag martin if it hung around.
I got there as dawn broke a wonderful clear morning quite chilly but very nice all the same.
I headed off towards there area where the pipit was seen yesterday but apart from a couple of hares, a roe deer and common resident birds there was not much happening.
It was at this point that news came out that the crag martin was still around do I began to make my way back to the car.
As it turned out the tawny pipit had relocated north of the golf course so I headed off soon beginning to wish I didn't have so much gear on.
Once there the tawny showed very well and the sun was behind me and the bird was quite close-then news of the crag martin being re-located broke so one birder chose to break rank and consequently flushed it-thanks for that mate.
It did however return and posed quite nicely, there was no further sign of the crag martin whilst I was there.