Crag Martin!!

I thought today was going to be a write off.I started at Spurn at 7.00 on Sammy's Point it was absolutely freezing and no birds.
Then went to the Warren (in the hope that the crag martin might fly by) and it was absolutely freezing and no birds.
I then decided to go for the tawny pipit at Flamborough and it was absolutely freezing and no birds.It was at this point I heard of 2 series at the Warren at Spurn.
I then decided to head for home in the meantime there was an unconfirmed report of the crag martin sighted at Thornwick bay.I decided to ignore it then I got as far as Lissett when another report popped up so I did a U turn and headed back, calling in for more petrol on the way.
When I did get to Thornwick bay the crag martin was performing magnificently down to less than 10ft as it whizzed by impossibly close and impossible to focus on.
Then next 2 and a half hours were spent watching this bird performing first at Thornwick then moving to North Landing.
Pictures below don't tell the full story!