Bempton Gannets

I had a drive up to Bempton the other morning with the hope of a few shots of gannets and the other seabirds in early morning light, the forecast was for light northerly winds.
Upon arriving, it was cloudy, drizzling and a biting northerly gale! Undeterred, I put an extra couple of layers on and marched off.
Looking out to see, it was obvious that the sun was going to break out at some point and with the wind as it was the gannets were literally flying within feet of the cliff edge, ably supported by fulmars and the odd guillimot hanging in the wind.
What happened for the next hour was amazing, the sun whilst not fully out was obscured by cloud creating a dramatic orange effect and when the gannets flew in the right path it made for a rather pleasing background.
I called in at Flamborough on the way back for another go at the Tawny pipit but it hadn't been seen that morning.
By now the light had gone but I did see quite a few more fulmar, razorbills and 2 puffins.
Not a bad morning really....