Spurn Firecrest

I thought I would go back to Spurn again today, mainly because the BBC weather suggested that the best of the sunshine was more likely to be in the East, however I wasn't exactly brimming with optimism given the weather conditions.
I did my usual and started at Sammy's Point again there were no wheatears and the bushes were very quiet with only the odd common bird present.
I was heading towards chalky point ion the hope that yesterday's Lapland bunting might still be hanging around when a firecrest was reported at the warren.
Given that it was pretty grim weather wise, I thought I would head over there.
At first in very blustery conditions the firecrest was very difficult to see let alone photograph but eventually the bird got into a bit of a routine and it then became more easy to predict, the best place to photograph it was when it was amongst the blossom at the back of the warren.
It was while waiting for the firecrest that a red kite drifted south but never came particularly
close and the only other bird of note was a rather confiding brambling that dropped into the bushes for a short while before carrying on its way.