Northern Wheatear

I had a trip to Spurn yesterday in the hope of some Spring migrants.I started at The Warren in the hope of a redstart that had been seen earlier, however it had been trapped and ringed so I thought this would certainly send it into cover and even if it did come out it would now be bearing a rather unsightly piece of ironmongery.
So I headed to Sammy's Point, first pass of the paddocks didn't yield much neither did the bushes at the south end but a single whitethroat was the first of the year.
On the way back I did see a very brief black redstart, couple of wheatears and a yellow wagtail.
I headed back to the Crown Car Park as rain broke out and there was quite a few common migrants in the bushes the best being a pair of blackcaps.
After the shower I went back to Sammy's and here the black redstart re-appeared and showed quite well albeit distantly, the wheatears however posed beautifully, they are a certainty at Spurn at this time of year and are just passing through-the males are always more immaculate in Spring than in Autumn.
The sun was diffused by low cloud and actually helped-these shots being taken around mid-day.