Locustella Fever

I had another day at Spurn today- I got there just after 6 this morning and it was absolutely gorgeous.
No wind glorious sunshine and the air full of birdsong.
First bird was a grasshopper warbler singing along the edge of the canal.
Then a couple of sedge warbles and a few more common migrants. I then went up to Sammy's Point but (at the time) it was quiet with less wheatears and wagtails than yesterday and again only common migrants.
Then down Spurn road for a couple of blue headed wagtails (more distant than yesterday) and it was here that news broke of the areas only second ever Savis warbler.
It was very elusive and I managed only a few shots. I hoped that it would show this evening but to no avail. Alaso managed some views of the black redstart around canal scrape. All in all a cracking day.