Bempton Shore Lark

I've been hoping to get a shot of a shore lark for a few years now and never fancied a trip to the Lincs coast in winter. Today I got lucky- there was at least one reported at bempton at mid-day so I thought I would try for it tonight. I had a walk down to the cliff top and headed south then came across a path between two fields- one was completely bare having being recently tilled and the other was a mixture of stubble and weeds-it was full of birds including at least dozen wheatear, a yellow wagtail, white wagtail, skylark and linnet.
Walking further down i saw a small brown bird fly up and land in the tiled field -it was a shorelark and the first one I've sen for nearly 30 years.
It showed very well in the two fields until the light faded and the temperature dropped dramatically.
Cracking bird.