Hornsea Mere

Been down to Hornsea Mere acouple of times this week.
The first was just a recce, got some decent views of a hunting barn owl and there were plenty of litle gulls but quite distant.
the second time I went I was better prepared and I managed a cuple of shots of the barn owl.
On the foreshore there was a little more action with lapwing,common tern,common sandpiper and the best bird a wood sandpiper, plus the little gulls were a bit closer and I managed a cuple of shots.
Last night when I went it was overcast so not so good for photography but saw a black tern,greenshank,dunlin,oystercatcher,greenshank,a couple of little terns and again distant little gulls.
the water levels are quite low and if the drought continues and other traditional water holes (Swine Moor) dry out, it might just produce a goodie!
Will be back a few times over the summer to check out.