Hornsea Mere Revisited

Having seen the recent reports about the good numbers of common sandpipers at Hornsea Mere I couldn't resist in having a go for them.
I set myself up in a likely spot and waited.
When I got to my spot a small flock flew off as well as a wood sandpiper.
Once I got set up it didn't take long for the birds to come back, some more obliging than others.
First was the juvenile common tern, almost oblivious to me as it came within 2 metres of my bag hide.
Then it was the greenshank, a little more wary but still good views at 10m.
Finally the common sands came back, always distant they had a small group of rocks they preferred and they didn't stray too far away.
In between there were plenty of little gulls to look at, a little egret that flew by also hundreds of swifts and swallows hunting low over the water.
A cracking evening, would like to get a shot of the wood sand so will be back again.