At Last!

I have been looking for Woodlarks for the past two Springs,without success -until yesterday.
because of the sensitive issues regarding this scarce breeding bird I am not going to disclose the location, although it is fair to say that the vast arable landcape of the east Riding is not the most suitable habitat.
I managed to leave work early and went to the first of two sites where I have found out that they inhabit.
No luck there so off to the next site.
Having never seen or heard a woodlark before,I didn't really know what to listen for.
The first 'probable' was a tantalising glimpse of a rather plump lark calling rather unusually.
Further into the site and I could hear a wonderful liquid song from what sounded like a couple of birds.
Not easy to trace in the trees, but then a pair landed about 20m in front of me and started feeding, wow I was in awe.
They kept feeding and calling for about 15mins before the male rose and continued his song.
Fantastic! I know these are not the rarest birds in Britain but I was thrilled to find them myself and get such wonderful views.