A Trip to the Seaside

I had a drive up to Flamborough yesterday to have a look for the recently reported King Eider, after a couple of hours staring at the murky north sea without any success,I decided to have a look on Filey Brigg.
I did manage to add quite a few to the year list including puffin,gannet,guillimot,fulmar,kittiwake and shag.
There were two dorks from 'out of county' on the cliff top at Flamborough making stupid remarks about Yorkshire people and Yorkshire birding.
In a way I am glad the king eider didn't show up because it made their journey completely fruitless and with their attitude, it was just deserved.
Rant over.
The brigg at Filey is not somewhere that I visit often and when I do I usually see some decent birds.Yesterday was no exception.
The purple sandpiers were quite obliging as were the commoner waders.
A shag close in was quite entetaining to watch as it fed along the wave line also a female eider was brave enough to let me get a couple of shots.
there was also a distant common scoter for good measure.
the most entertaing birds were the oystercatchers and watching them extract razorfish and mussels was fascinating.
I must make Filey Brigg a more regular venue, but thankfully it more than made up for missing the King Eider yesterday.