Lincolnshire Safari

Grey Phalarope
Grey Phalarope

Grey Phalarope

Short eared Owl

Hen Harrier

female Kestrel


I went over to Lincolnshire at the weekend, primarily to see the grey phalarope at covenham, but then I went on for the raptors at Worlaby Carrs.
I set off befoire dawn on Sunday and arrived at Covenham reservoir at about 8.10, quite an impressive place.There were plenty of wildfowl on the water including mallard,wigeon,goldeneye and a single long tailed duck.There were plenty of redshanks feeding along the edge along with grey and pied wagtails.It took quite a while to get to the south east corner and although the sun was fully up it was absolutely freezing.
at firt there was no sign and I feared the worst especially as it had been such a cold night.However after some scanning with the scope i found it nearer the north eastern corner.
Along the way I met Graham catley who runs his blog (Peewit) that makes very interesting reading and we walked towards the bird, the light was very harsh and resulted in some rather contrasting images, very difficult for a decent shot.
great bird though and very confiding.
After about an hour and a half I thought it was about time to go and I set off back towards the Humber Bridge.I headed for Far Ings to check out the smew, it was there but kept its distance in the unfrozen part of Hotel lake.
It was very quiet there so I headed for Worlaby Carrs somewhere I've never been before.
At firts it looked rather quiet but as the afternoon wore on more andmore raptors put in an appearance.First it was a marsh harrier, then hen harrier followed by a kestrel, then a buzzard and sparrowhawk.In thelast hour of daylight the short eared owls put in an appearance.
quite an enjoyable day, the photos weren't up to much but the birds for early December were quite special.