Hessle Bullfinches

Despite the arctic conditions, I wrapped up warm and went out to the Country park at hessle this morning in search of bullfinches.
parking up at the Humber Bridge car park I was encouraged by the soft piping of a male bullfinch right above my head as i was getting my gear ready, it didn't hang around for long so I didn't get a shot.
I went futher into the park towards the small feeding station, on the way I saw a couple of obliging goldcrests but not much else.
On good advice from one of the Birdforum members I took some food and put it on one of the bird tables, one of the robins almost followed me as I sprinkled the food, with a bit of patience I bet you could get them feeding from your hand.
It wasn't long before the robins were joined by a good number of common birds, all extremely obliging.
After about 15 minutes a small flock of bullfinches landed in the bushes above me and they were quite wary at first, the striking red breast of the males was almost dazzling.
It dind,t take them long to get used to me and pretty soon they were taking food from the feeder about 15 feet away.
most times I have seen a bullfinch they have been a grey and white blur as they fly away, but these birds were extremely confiding and along with all the other birds, made for an enjoyable morning despite the intense cold.
A tip for anyone visiting-take some birdseed.