Migfest 2018

Well another Migfest has been and gone and what a fantastic one it was. The organisation by Spurn Bird Observatory was impeccable as was the food, the stands, the volunteers and those who came to enjoy the spectacle. It was an honour to be a part of it.

I arrived at tea time on Friday and within an hour I had my stand set up and did a trial run through of the photo loop I had prepared with some of my photos taken at Spurn. I was theer to essentially talk about Spurn and what a fantastic place it is for photographing wildlife. Even on the Friday there was a steady stream of people coming up and having a chat. Conversations soon drifted towards equipment, photo editing and general chat about Spurn.

I arrived bright and early on the Saturday morning and was greeted by a spectacular sunrise so a few scenic shots over the sea with gulls, terns, divers and waders providing some good photographic opportunities.

Early sunshine soon gave way to cloud so I moved to the Humber side and captured some shots of a hunting peregrine and meadow pipits flying south. With a stiff wind and a chill in the air I made my way back to Migfest HQ and continued with manning the stand. Another group of enthusiastic migfest-goers continued with debate and discussion.

Later in the afternoon I went to see the reported Common Rosefinch and a fly-through sparrowhawk. The day ended with rain but not before tucking in to the delicious hog-roast served up as part of the package.

I made my way home after that nd another early start on the Sunday ensued. This time it was cloud at first so I went to Kilnsea Welands and managed good views of a spotted redshank. I then headed towards the canal area and it was fairly quiet but at least the sun had come out. I went to a spot along the canal with the hope of photographing waders as the flew back to the Warren area as the tide receded. I was rewarded with some great shots of common waders in flight. Then headed back to canal hedge as the rosefinch was again reported it gave good but distant views and also a merlin through was another highlight.

I headed back again to Migfest HQ and yet another steady stream of people chatting away about a wide range of subjects all involving photography and the magical place that is Spurn.

It quitened a bit in the afternoon and it was time to leave. What an event, it was great to feel a part of a fantastic showcase that really does promote the very best of Spurn. The scenery, the birds and the people. A very well done to all involved roll on next year.

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