Kilnsea WWBT

Well I've finally managed to get around to posting some photos of the magnificent White Winged Black tern that was frequenting Kilnsea Wetlands for nearly a week.

It turned up in particularly bad weather north east wind and rain and unfortunately for me the sun was never out on the three occasions I went for it.

It was nearly always visible and active and only on the odd occasion did it rest on the marker post in the middle of the wetlands.

Considering it was so visible and on view for such a long time, it was a very difficult bird to photograph. I tried from the hide, the viewing screen and long bank and very rarely did it come close and even when it did it was for fleeting seconds and far to fast. It was also a struggle with autofocus more often locking on to the land behind it rather than the bird itself.

Having said all of that I am quite pleased with the images below, however I didn't get 'the' shot that I wanted and the next one in Yorkshire will get equally as much attention if it hangs around.

WWBT (8 of 14).jpg