May Day at Spurn

I had a nice day out at Spurn on Bank Holiday Monday. I set off before first light and when I got there light was breaking but in was absolutely freezing and a cold wind blowing off the north sea!

Not a lot doing on the migrant front as you can imagine and a solitary chiff-chaff at Canal Scrape didn't bode well.

Quite a few flyover whimbrel were the first of the year for me.

I wandered up to have a natter with some of the lads at Numpties Castle and managed to see my first swift of the year as well as a peregrine falcon and a couple of wheatears appeared out of nowhere so there was some hope.

I went up to Sammy's Point and there were a few more birds around plus the wind had definitely dropped.

Most of the activity was in the third paddock and here there were warblers aplenty. Chiff-chaff, willow warbler, blackcap whitethroat and lesser whitethroat.

As I wandered up to the far end the familiar sound of a grasshopper reeling could be heard.

It took me a while to see it but once located it was more than happy to show itself and continue performing.

I'd heard there was a garganey at Kilnsea Wetland so that was my next port of call. No sign but a flock of bar=tailed godwits in front of the hide was ample consolation.

next news of a Hawfinch in the Crown and Anchor Car Park crackled over the radio.

Its usually a very difficult bird to photograph at Spurn but this one put on a fine show feeding on the ground out in the open and then on a feeder allowing prolonged views and a great photographic opportunity.

After a while it flew into a mist net so that was my cue to leave.

Another great trip with the promise of more to come during this week.

Gropper (3 of 17).jpg