The Dunnington Pine Bunting

I've been meaning to go for the Pine Bunting at Dunnington for a while, but most reports were of it being elusive and the photo's on the net didn't get me running for my camera (especially when there is a Pallid Harrier on the local patch). Recent reports however suggested that it was a little bit more visible so I set off this morning with high hopes of at least seeing the bird.

I parked in the village and headed blindly down Intake Lane-I was there just after Seven so was the first there.

I saw Kerver Lane and headed down there first then doubled back, the last report I read on Twitter suggested that it had gone back to the stubble field at the end of Intake Lane.

I kept on going as all the fields were more like paddocks then through a gate and the first hint of stubble.

There was a decent flock of Yellowhammers feeding about a third of the way down the field so I made my way down. The wind was a biting south westerly without much sign of the sun so pretty chilly. I was soon joined by a coiple of lads who had seen the Pine Bunting in the are I was viewing a couple of weeks earlier.

Another birder joined us and after much scanning in all directions he picked the bird up in a large oak tree about 100 yards away. I got a view of it and a shot of some branches but that was it as it flew away overhead. It then re-appeared after an hour or so in a hedge on the opposite side of the field, then flew into the stubble.

It then flew towards us with a flock of yellow hammers and typically it landed in the deepest cover giving fairly close but obsucured views. It stayed a while giving the small crowd some decent views then flew off. This was the cue for most of the crowd to disappear, amazingly it came back only 5 minutes later and perched up in full view for around 5 minutes.

It then flew back over to the far hedge and then appeared to go back into the stubble.

I was happy with my shots so set off for home at around 11.15 very content with the mornings work.