Migfest at Spurn

I had a trip down to Spurn today for the forst day of this years Migfest migration spectacular at Spurn.

despite the forcast of heavy rain I thought it would be worthwhile and I'd also been asked to take some photos of the birds and wildlife on offer by Spurn Bird Observatory.

My first port of call was Crown and Anchor car park and no sooner had I got my wet gear on news of a kentish Plover at Chalky Point crackled over the airwaves.

I hurriedly packed my gear away and made the short trip to the Riverside Car Park. A kentish Plover would be a lifer for me so with great excitement I set off towards the point.

Just as I arrived there was talk of a bird flying to the right and the fact that it had disappeared from view didnt bode well.

Further scanning revealed nothing so I made my way back.

The rain had got heavier so I made my way to canal scrape which was surprisingly quiet (with birder activity) but did hold a snipe and a couple of grey wagtails dropped in briefly.

Just as I was putting my gear into the boot, news of the kentish Plover came back on the airwaves this time at Kilsea Wetlands

After a bit of a charge down there, it showed well albeit distantly until it flew off on to Beacon Ponds.

After visiting my dad in Withernsea, I went back on to Kilnsea Wetlands and this time the Kentish Plover showed quite well in front of the hide.

It flew off again and this was my cue to leave.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day but the star bird of the day proved again that Spurn is the premier mainland birding location in the UK.

Kentish Plover  (2 of 11).jpg
Kentish Plover  (5 of 11).jpg