Filey Brigg

I was up early this morning and away to Filey Brigg and managed to get on the end before the sun was up!

I checked briefly for the scarce ducks that had been reported but I really wanted to get to the end for hopefully some good photo opportunities.

there were a few common gulls and waders on the way out but nothing caught my eye.

Once I got to the end, there was noticeable activity from gullimots, the odd gannet and red throated diver and more common gulls.

Cormorants and shag were passing by quite close and a solitary purple sandpiper flew to the very end on the rocks that had only just been exposed by the ebbing tide.

As the sun got higher I decided to walk bak, I figured that with the sun behind me there would be a better chance of picking out the ducks.

i had almost given up when I saw scoter like bird close to the rocks but it must have seen me as it was making a bee-line straight out.

On closer inspection, it was indeed the surf scoter.

Then as I looked to the right another close in duck this time the long tailed duck.

This initially swam out but after a while came back in close and at one point swam past only 20m away.

A very chilly and breezy morning but very worthwhile photographing one of my favorite ducks in good light and lively conditions.

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