Spurn Visitor Centre

It is with a heavy heart that I find myself having (yet again) to put finger to keyboard to write about the proposed new visitor centre at Spurn.

However when you feel so passionately about a place that you love and have visited for over 40 years and the people who run Spurn (the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust) are adamant on changing for the worse,forever for their own small minded selfish pursuit of financial gain then you cannot just sit back and let it happen.

YWT have relentlessly pursued their plans with blatant disregard for the majority of people who love Spurn. Sea Anglers especially (those who have arguably contributed most to YWT coffers in terms of admission fees) have not even been consulted and it is they who are likely to suffer most with an extended walk and limited parking time all being imposed if the development goes ahead.

My objection on the ERYC planning portal is written below and anyone feeling strongly enough to submit their thoughts can do so by following this link https://newplanningaccess.eastriding.gov.uk/newplanningaccess/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=makeComment&keyVal=ODWXXOBJGI600 


I wish to submit my strong objection to the proposed visitor centre at Spurn submitted by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

I have previously submitted an objection and was tempted to cut and paste my previous comments as this appears to be what the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust have done with their application.

The visual impact, building in a flood plane and valuable habitat destruction are still prevalent in their submission and as far as I am concerned nothing has changed. I have been going to Spurn for over 40 years and have been attracted to the place by its wildness, the wildlife and sea angling. I voiced my concerns at a meeting with terry Smithson (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Development Director) and his default response was that 'we cannot cater for everybody'. I asked him about the arrangements for parking when the visitor centre would be build-he confirmed that the new car park and the one at the Blue Bell would be pay to park, gated and opened only at certain times during the day. He also said that there would be double yellow lines from the visitor center car park back up into Kilnsea Village and that the verge sites would be re-landscaped to discourage verge side parking. In one foul swoop all my choices (whether I pay, where I park and at what time) have been taken away. If I want to visit Spurn early in a morning I would have to park outside Kilnsea Village and walk in-something in the region of a mile a considerable distance for me to carry fishing gear or photography equipment. Is this fair? I am being denied access (vicariously) to a public footpath- is this legal? Terry Smithson continually referred to the 'needs' of those people who visit Spurn and had the temerity to suggest that people observing wildlife were in the minority and conceded that he had not taken the needs of sea=anglers into account. I repeat my point whose 'needs' are the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust taking into account here?Also if the VC was rejected on visual impact and the plans have not change (one could argue they are misleading if you look at the photos on social media) how is it going to be passed next time around? The same applies to the flood risk-it is well documented that the proposed site was under a considerable amount of water during the tidal surge of 2013 how can it be that once it has been rejected on these grounds that a re-submission with the building remaining in the same place gets approved?

It is clear that the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust are prepared to change the landscape including access to Spurn in pursuit of financial gain and are not really interested in providing any needs for those people who love visiting Spurn. Their recent claim to be gathering for the 'Springwatch generation' is laughable Spurn is a wild expansive place where wildlife can occur anywhere it is not Bempton where everything is conveniently perched on a cliff and is ideally suited to a visitor centre that attracts a wide range of people. Similarly it is not Potteric Carr where a maze of footpaths lead to conveniently placed hides again viewable by everybody and all 'needs ' are catered for. Spurn is Spurn one of the last true wildernesses on the East Coast where man and its inhabitants already successfully interact. Please stick to your guns East Riding Planning Committee do not be hoodwinked by misleading propaganda and reject the proposals for the visitor centre on the grounds that you quite rightly did last time. Keep Spurn Wild.