Morning, Night (but not Noon)

I had a couple of trips to Pat Haven on Sunday, the first trip was for the early morning high tide and the second was for the evening high tide (low tide at Pat Haven is all but pointless).

I arrived for about 5.45am and the air was still but some low cloud kept the sun out.

I took up position at my usual spot and almost immediately flocks of waders were whizzing in literally get from where I was.

The first decent bird was a ruff on the pool accompanied by redshank and dunlin. A wary greenshank stopped over fleetingly as did a little egret and then the rising tide had me making a hasty retreat closer to the bank.Some lovely light and a flat calm lagoon made for great photographic opportunities and it was as the tide pushed the waders in a juvenile peregrine flew into the flocks causing mayhem but did not make a kill.

Dunlin and ringed plovers were joined by good numbers of knot and a single bar tailed god wit.All wanting to get some sleep, but the tide kept coming in until the whole flock took flight and disappeared. It was time to head for home-I was back in the house before 9am.

I went back again on the night to the outer pool and again redshank, greenshank and dunlin were the main quarry a single grey plover in summer plumage would not come any closer than 50m.

Again as the tide rose I made my way closer to the bank a single green sandpiper joined the roost but I didn't see anything more interesting.

A cracking place that has just come back into form, hopefully something special might turn up before the summer is out.