Patrington Haven

Its been a while since I last went to Pat Haven and I have to say its been a bit disappointing over the last few years as the lagoon has slowly filled with silt making it rather unattractive to waders.

After a bit of a reconnaissance mission on Sunday I went back last night to a likely looking spot and set up my bag hide and waited for the incoming tide and hopefully a few waders.

The key to getting the birds to come close is ensuring they feel safe so it helps if a few gulls or other birds settle close by giving the waders more confidence.

firstly a few gulls landed (black-headed and great black blacked gull) followed by a little egret and a curlew.

Then a shell duck landed in front of me then without warning masses of dunlin and redshank were swirling around and landed within feet! a few wary greenshank also came in as well as my target species-summer plumaged knot.

Unfortunately they didn't hang around that long.Then a monster downpour came and thankfully i didn't get too wet then as the night wore on the wind dropped and peace and tranquility broke out!

Just a note of caution when visiting Patrington Haven, it is not easy to get close to the birds.In fact its very difficult.It requires a combination of high tide, the right light, the right place and most importantly ensuring there is a safe way back to the bank without getting cut off by the rising tide.It is also muddy and chest waders, a groundsheet and bag hide are the other essential items of kit.