Red Rumped Swallow

I first heard about the red-rumped swallow in East Park, Hull on Monday but didn't have much time and views were ver distant.

News all day yesterday and today meant I would have a chance tonight.

A cold wind and cloud must have kept the insects low as the lake was full of hirundines, mostly house martins and swallows with the odd sand martin and waves of swifts apparently passing through.

At first the red dumped swallow was nowhere to be seen but after relocating to a different part of the lake, it appeared right in front of me and stayed feeding mostly low over the lake for a good 20 minutes.

It was a shame the light was bad, but after seeing it at such close quarters, I'm not complaining.

Hopefully it might hang around a little bit longer for another crack at it.

ARed Rumped Swallow (3 of 14).jpg