Citrine Wagtail at Spurn

I went to Spurn yesterday with high expectations after one of the best weeks for rare and scarce migrants in recent years and hot on the heels of a pied wheatear, citrine wagtail and olive-backed pipit only the day before.

I set off early and arrived at about 6.45 and parked up surprisingly close to the warren. i began my trek down to middle camp really in hope of seeing the pied wheatear.

After a couple of false starts with northern wheatears it soon became apparent that the pied had moved.

With no sign of the citrine wagtail I thought I would head further down on to the point looking for the OBP on the way.

A nice stonechat and a few gold crests were the highlights as I got to the potato field.

It was at about this point when the citrine wagtail was re-located on canal scrape! With a 2 mile yomp ahead of me I set off back up the peninsula and also in the hope that I hadn't left it too late to beat the incoming tide.

I crossed the breach with minutes to spare and then came the news that the citrine wagtail had been flushed by someone with a yapping dog!

I carried on and eventually got back to the car to hear news that the wagtail was on the humber shore so I headed for cliff farm and caught up with a couple of yellow browed warblers, and a nice fly-by great white egret.The wagtail by this time was re-located on the borrow pit so I headed there and before I arrived it re-located again back on to canal scrape!

After a mad dash and a scrum in the hide I managed to gets some shots that I was happy with so headed back to cliff farm.

It was here news of an arctic warbler trapped in the church field led to another mass gathering. It never really showed during the time I was there but very nice all the same.

After that it was about time to head for home another cracking day at Spurn.