The Spurn Masked Shrike

I am currently in the middle of a 2 week holiday and have spent most of it observing , photographing and enjoying the wildlife currently on offer at Spurn.

I was there for 7 days on the trot up to last Friday and I thought I would have a break and not go through on Saturday morning, instead catching up on a few jobs.

It was slightly annoying to hear that an Olive Backed Pipit had been found on Saturday morning and then even more annoying to hear that a juvenile wood chat shrike had turned up.

When the shrike had been re-identified to Masked Shrike, I was on my way to Spurn.

First views were distant and partly through a hedge then clearer views albeit further away near the caravan site and also clear views from the river bank and again very distant.

I left just after lunch hopeful that the bird would hang around.

I was back again on the Sunday and had a very enjoyable and relaxed walk round viewing the spectacle of a major twitch that must have involved hundreds of people.

Back again on the Monday I was there at first light and had the rather daunting task of broadcasting the news of its re-appearance as it emerged from its roosting site.It was only 30m away and I got some shots that I was happy with before it resumed its position on the far fence (approximately 300 yards away).

It did come back and fairly close during the afternoon but the heat haze was horrendous making quality photography quite difficult.

Eventually it showed very well in the evening albeit slightly obscured, shooting into the light and then facing almost head on.

Back yet again today but was always distant, will be back again in the morning for another crack!

masked shrike 220914 (1 of 13).jpg
masked shrike 220914 (2 of 13).jpg
masked shrike 220914 (3 of 13).jpg
masked shrike 220914 (4 of 13).jpg