Tophill Kingfishers

I heard that the viewing area at Tophill had been improved so had a look last night.I waited about half an hour before the first action-a roe deer on the far bank, then a heron came in but disappeared in the reeds straight away.

Eventually one of the kingfishers arrived, albeit by that time the sun had gone below the tree line.

It stayed for a good half hour and eventually caught a rather smart male stickleback.As the light began to fade the reed warblers became more visible as did the water voles.A small mouse was foraging directly below the hide.

On the way back the last of the suns rays lit up the woodland creating a magical effect.

To cap the night a hedgehog was feeding along the path on the way back to the car.

Can see me spending a few more evenings at Tophill this summer.