Rough,Rough and Ruffe

I set off on Sunday morning to the relatively central location of Hornsea Mere in the hope of a photo opportunity of one of the reported grebes (red-necked or slavonian) and then if news broke of something good (Spurn or Flamborough) it would not be much of a distance to view it.

So I arrived at 9.00 at the Mere and it was relatively quiet with a few common ducks and geese and the odd gull.

After a discussion with one of the locals (thanks George) he soon put me on to the red-necked grebe which was almost at the other bank at the far eastern end, and one of the slavonian grebes which wasn't much closer.

Then after further scanning another slav was a bit closer but not enough for a decent shot.

News broke of a rough legged buzzard at Grindale near Bridlington, but I still persevered with the slav.

It went out of view for a while and then I noticed another photographer at the end of Kirkholme point paying particular attention to something close in-it was the slav! only about 15m out it was diving and fishing and stayed close for at least half an hour.

When it was catching sticklebacks it devoured them within seconds of surfacing, however it caught a larger ruffe and this proved a little more tricky and hence a better photo opportunity.

I was happy with my grebe shots so went off to Grindale and spent a lovely mild afternoon watching it hunting (mostly unsuccessfully) over fields near the flying centre, sometimes giving breathtakingly close views.

A most enjoyable day with a couple of nice birds.

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