Springtime Snake!

I had a trip to a spot on the outskirts of York today in the hope of photographing an adder.The weather at first didn't look too promising with low cloud and mist obscuring the sun and keeping the temperature cool.
On arriving the woods were alive with common birdsong and chief-chaff, wren, robin, blue and great tits were all in full voice.
As I went further into the woods a green woodpecker called loudly on a couple of occasions and nearby a willow tit came close to investigate what I was doing.
Pressing on the next bird on view was a pair of very smart yellowhammers, the male proclaiming his territory for all to hear.
On arriving at the favored spot, it was clear that the temperature was still on the chilly side and there was no sign of the sun, however I began to look carefully in all the likely spots but to no avail.
Overhead a jay flew past and there was quite a few reed buntings and linnet and a single gold crest feeding amongst the gorse-but still no adders.
Eventually the sun broke through and there was almost an instant feel of warmth as the temperature at last began to rise.
After about 2 and a half hours I was ready to give up and decided to head for the car almost immediately I saw a small snake coiled up on the other side of a ditch.
carefully I got a little closer and after initially disappearing (soon to pop back out) it posed quite nicely almost oblivious to my presence.
I was joined for a short while by another photographer with his young family and both his children go very close views of this stunning creature.
Eventually I decide to leave it in peace to catch more rays.On the way back I managed some nice shots of another iconic spring creature a brimstone butterfly-the mild (but not hot) weather kept the butterfly somewhat dormant allowing me to get quite close.
This was the first time I have seen an adder at this spot and after quite a while waiting my patience eventually paid off.