Red Squirrels

Its been a while since I last posted some photos but a reduction in workload, change in circumstances and a renewed enthusiasm has given me the kick up the backside I needed to continue posting photos and stories of wildlife in Yorkshire.
I have widened my horizons from birds to a more extended view of the natural world.
With that in mind I finally got myself up to Hawes today and the excellent red squirrel viewing site managed by Sarah and Simon Phillpott.
I had read and heard about it but when I got there it was even better than I was expecting, the set up there is fantastic, the squirrels are most obliging and the constant servicing of the feeders and general attendance by Simon to maximize the experience was first class.
As for the squirrels, there must have been at least a dozen with some of the bold individuals actually coming into the hide.
I took literally hundreds of photos and the dramatic weather only added to the day.
I would recommend a visit by anyone remotely interested in wildlife, this is a truly special place.
Simon can be contacted at Wild Dales Photography.Some of the many images below.