I had a ride out to the coast this morning in extremely cold conditions. It was a weird kind of frost-the roads were bone dry, the trees were covered in heavy white frost crystals and the temperature gauge said -10.
First stop was Spurn-I was hoping for some waders feeding in the fields at high tide but there were none so I had a slow drive north with a destination of Hornsea Mere.
The drive up was pretty uneventful, the odd grey partridge, a few winter thrushes and pheasants was about the best of it.
As I arrived at Hornsea Mere it warmed up quite nicely to -6 but by now the wind had got up so not quite so tropical.
The Iceland gull was quite distant at the start, there were a few distant goldeneye on a patch of unfrozen water, a barnacle goose flock on the ice and the flock of bean geese put in an appearance.
After a wait of about 2 hours the Iceland Gull finally woke from its slumber and came to bread just off the jetties.
Quite a nice bird really, it performed well for about half an hour delighting the massive crowd of 3 with some quite close views.