Spurn & Flamborough

With the influx of migrants on the east Coast whetting the appetite, I went to Spurn again yesterday, didn't fare so well as Thursday but still managed to connect with the jack snipe (now moved further away after being flushed by the sheep!), merlin, short eared owl, ring ouzel and still lots of common migrants. things got quieter as the day wore on so I went for a look at Stony Creek, just a few common waders around and a massive flock of fieldfares.
Went again to Spurn this morning-it was obvious things had got quieter but still saw the jack snipes also the scaup on the borrow pit has been joined by a common scoter. A female black redstart was new in also a single wheatear along the road. I heard news that the red-flanked bluetail was still at Flamborough so headed off up there, there was quite a few birders around but no sign of the rfb. A yellow browed warbler revealed itself near the car park for a consolation prize.
With continued westerly winds forecast for next week, things don't exactly look prosperous.