Pat Haven

I had another cracking session at pat haven this morning.
I got there before first light and set up in a new spot-it didn't take long for the first greenshank to appear, then it was joined by a redshank and a couple more greenshanks. Then I heard an unusual call coming from behind and within seconds a cracking spotted redshank landed on the lagoon in front of me. It flushed with the rest of the waders when a raptor went through, then settled back on the lagoon even closer.
It was a smaller tide than yesterday so I had longer and the small waders just kept coming-the whole area was covered in mainly dunlin with odd ringed plovers and the long staying curlew sandpipers.
hardly any bigger waders though, just one grey plover being notable.
Must be getting near to the end of the pat haven season but whilst the warm weather continues so does the good birds.