Olive Backed Pipit

I had a day off today and set off for Spurn, but with clear skies the night before I didn't hold out too much hope.
heading down Spurn Road I saw 2 merlin and a sparrowhawk as well as common waders, brent geese and 2 little egrets.
I had a walk round the point with birding guru martin garner (surely if anything was about he would find it!) we did see a lesser redpoll, chiffchaff and 3 flyover sparrowhawks but nothing really of note, so i headed back up Spurn Road towards Kilnsea in the hope of seeing the pallas's warbler. There was no sign and news of the Olive backed Pipit at filey had me heading north.
As soon as I got there it was showing down to 10ft, it looked a little unsteady and had a missing eye, despite feeding constantly most of the afternoon it didn't look in hte best of health.
I'd be surprised if it makes it.