Patrington Haven

I've been to Pat Haven 4 times in the last week with very varying results.First couple of visits were pretty unsuccessful, plenty of waders but set up in the wrong place or arrived too late.
there was some good birds though including marsh harrier, short eared owl, kingfisher and curlew sandpiper being the best, along with whimbrel, curlew,ringed plover, green sandpiper, golden and grey plover, avocet, turnstone, dunlin, snipe, hundreds of swallows, and good sized flocks of yellow wagtails and goldfinches.
I went again this morning with curlew sandpiper as the target bird, I picked out a spot and waited.Pretty soon there were hundreds of waders whizzing about all over the place, including a pair of cs's right in front of me.
It was quite a spectacle for about an hour until the tide completely flooded the lagoon and they all dispersed.
I went on to the end of the track and it was full of swallows and yellow wagtails.
there was also a few waders roosting on the rocks but no sign of the massive flocks that were flying about as the tide came in.
Brid skua cruise tomorrow which is a first for me, will post details here tomorrow.