Beacon Ponds

It seems as though the migrants have started to thin out just lately so with that in mind I thought I would see if I could get some shots of the little terns at beacon ponds.
I went up on Saturday and in fairly strong winds, I got set up in a likely looking spot out of the wind.
during the 3 or so hours i was there I was treated to some fantastic close views of the little terns fishing although the poor light didn't help.
with having such a good day on the Saturday I was up there again yesterday, this time it was improved by not only close views of the terns but also a sprinkling of decent waders-not least a red-necked phalorope but also 3 little stints and some close view of common waders, and some interesting behaviour with herons and the little egret.
The walk back last night was in glorious evening sunshine punctuated by the song of skylarks and just as i got nearer the car a cracking corn bunting performed magnificently only a few metres away.
I must stress that the area is quite sensitive for breeding birds and anyone heading up there must stick strictly to the marked paths and not go anywhere near the breeding grounds of the little terns.