I have had a couple of half sessions at Spurn over the weekend. Friday's was a bit disappointing as I arrived late and there was not a great deal of stuff about. yesterday I got there for 6.00 and the morning was absolutely gorgeous-no wind the river was like glass and the air filled with birdsong. I started off on beacon Lane and there were 4 singing grasshopper warblers 2 of which were quite obliging and happy to sing in full view whilst I was only 10m away, There was also a few whitethroats and sedge warblers about and a single reed warbler. Then on to Beacon ponds where there was a few little terns a single sandwich tern and a grey plover.
News of a red rumped swallow crackled over the radio as did 4 shorelarks at Chalk Bank.
On the way back down I saw a single green hairstreak flying north down Beacon Lane.