5 Grebes in One Weekend

The weekend didn't start off that well.
I went through to Spurn on Friday afternoon in the hope of seeing some migrants.To cut a long story short the best bird was a swallow and there were hardly any migrants about. So I thought I'd head for Waters Edge in the hope of a recently reported Slavonian Grebe. Upon arrival it was showing quite well and I soon had some decent shots. It kept doing a circuit of the pit that it was on and every now and then it would come very close.The best bit was saved until last-as the sun was going down the grebe went alongside some reeds in calm water this provided an extremely photogenic setting, but on its way back it came within 4 feet of the bank and I could see it chasing food under the water-fantastic!
There was also a pair of displaying great crested grebes and a little grebe.
Then today I set off in the hope of another 2 species of grebe. I've beenmeaning to go to hatfield Moor for the red-necked grebe for a couple of years and today was the day.Also there had been some black-necked grebes reported recently and these were my first quarry. The mist had hardly left Boston Lake when I arrived and I had distant views of the BNG but it was staying out of range.
Then on to 10 acre lake. The walk up was not that exciting-yellowhammer, loads of chiff-chaff and willow warbler and a good sprinkling of blackcaps. As soon as i got to the end of the lake I could hear the red-necked grebe calling and I had some decent views of it fishing and nest building.
I then got myself camped out and waited. It took a while but eventually he swam past twice and I was lucky enough to get some great views.
Then back to Boston lake to see if the BNG had come any closer-I was in luck it came within 10m of the hide albeit in bad light.
All in all it was a great day with loads of wildlife including adders, grass snakes brimstone butterflies and numerous other stuff-it is a great place.