Winter gets harder....

The recent wintry weather has given some great opportunities for photography.
I set off for Spurn last Sunday but only got as far as Easington before the snow got too bad.Whilst on the way back I went round Sunk Island and it was here that a row of bushes laden with berries held a flock of thrushes which at times were very obliging. The weather was a mix of snow showers and sunshine and this gave some greatlight.
Next I went for a couple of hours at Allerthorpe Woods. Just the usual common species here, very tame and starving hungry.Unfortunately there were mo bramblings.
Lastly I had a morning at Hornsea Mere there is a small area that is ice free and amongst the mallards and coots there is a small party of goldeneye.
Mostly theye kep their distance but evey now and again they venture quite close and again prove to be very obliging.
There is also a juvenile peregrine falcon and this was causing chaos amongst the gulls although it didn't take anything whilst I was there.
One thing is for sure -all the birds are starving and whilst it helps with the photos, it will be a lot better when it thaws so they can feed up for the next bout of cold weather and with the way this winter is going it won't be far away.