Lincs Rough Leg

I managed at last to catch up with a rough legged buzzard yesterday. I went across the bridge for the relatively long staying bird at South Ferriby.
It was out of view at first but soon took up its customary perch on the fence line at the west end of the cement works. It was quite distant but showed very well and caught a vole whilst I was there (and another chap said he saw it catch another 4 after I'd left) so if there is plenty of foood around it might stay for a while.
After that I went on to Worlaby it was absolutely freezing I didn't see any close up short eared owls (although expectation levels were high) but true to form as a rattor hotspot I had distant views of hen harrier, buzzard, sparrowhawk, kestrel plus a couple of SEO's anfd a fly-by barn owl.
Definitely will be back this winter but calmer days would be best.