Western Bonellis Warbler

I had 2 trips up to bempton today to try and see a western bonellis warbler first found yesterday in the car park area.
It was there from the off but quite elusive and flighty.
I stayed while about 11.30 having seen it up to 4 times but with no real opportunities for a photo.
I looked at some shots on the net when I got back and it appeared that it showed weel in the evening yesterday so I went up again for the last hour of light.
It was showing really well in the car park when I got there but then went quite a while undercover.
It did show very well in the last half hour but I was struggling for light by then. The bird was beautifully marked and when it did put in an appearance in the sunshine it was stunning.
A lifer for me and the good start we have had to Autumn continues.
What next?