Here we go again.....

I have bee quite busy just lately (most of my spare time has been taken up by getting used to some new gear) but I have still managed to see some decent birds just lately.
There has been a good run of scarce and rare birds on the east coast in the last week or so and at the time of going to press they keep coming (great snipe Spurn).
I managed to connect with the eastern Olivaceous warbler at Flamborough but alas no pictures.
I was at Spurn early today and it was dead still no wind whatsoever and this lack of movement seemed to reflect the mood of the birds there were a few kicking about but it seemed hard work.
First bird was a wheatear at the point followed by a fleeting view of a barred warbler. Then some decent but distant view of a couple of common rosefinches around the heligoland trap.
then back up to the crown for some close views of a wood warbler (released after being ringed) and a pied flycatcher in the church yard. I had a look for a reported lapland bunting to no avail then a report of a barred warbler in the canal zone had me heading there. I saw a rather drab redstart on the way and then the wait for the barred warbler. This is a bird that I have only had flleting views of in the past and I didnt hold out much hope after it didn't show afret 20 minutes of waiting, then it started to appear and became quite bold. It moved around quite a bit and eventually gave stunning close views.
Not long after it typically disappeared so it was time to head for home, was tempted by the booted warbler at Grimston but thankfully I didnt bother.
expectations are running high for the next week... watch this space.