I went up to fen Bog yesterday, I've only been a couple of times before about 4 years ago so I went mainly in the hope of seeing some butterflies and anything else would be a bonus.

The most obvious birds there were the whinchat and I saw at least 5 pairs some feeding young.
Also there were plenty of willow warblers, a couple of whitethroats, a green woodpecker, reed warblers and a few flyover curlew.
It was the insects that stole the show, small pearl bordered fratiliary and large heath (butterflies) a keeled skimmer and the most impressive was a golden ringed dragonfly a massive creature (in terms of dragonfly).
there were plenty of people there to look at the insects and I could easily be tempetd to get some more suitable photographic equipment.
Fen bog is areally special place and I will be back again.