Jack Snipe

I had set jack snipe as one of my target birds for this winter so with an afternoon off wrok I set off for canal scrape at Kilnsea.This was my second attempt at jack snipe this year.
When I got to the hide there was a small crowd fixated on a small patch of reeds to the left of the hide.
About 15m away there was a rather motionless jack snipe that 'had been in that position for the last 3 hours'.
I got a few shots of it as it was then after about an hour it began to feed, curiously bobbing along as it went.
A couple of times it came out in the open allowing for some decent shots.
The light was not good and coupled with its constant movement made a sharp shot a little difficult, however I was extremely happy with the shots.
Coupled up with some good company in the hide it made for a most enjoyable afternoon.