Angelic Redstarts

I spent an hour with these beauties last night.
The weather forecasting has been lousy just lately, but yestarday's forecast was for bright spells in the afternoon, so I arrived at about 5.15 in nice evening light.
The 3 juveniles were noisily demanding food and the male was furiously catching insects to keep his brood fed.
They were on a slight hill surrounded by woods and bushes which gave some protection fom the cold northely wind, at times the male was landing within 3 feet of me and at one point I thought he was going to land on the tripod.
later on as I was about to leave the male began to sing and this attracted another male, there was no sign of the female so hopefully she is already sat on another clutch of eggs.
Although these shots were taken from a public footpath (which probably explains their tolerance to me),I'm sure you'll understand that these are some of the rarest breeding birds in east Yorkshire and their location must be protected.