Bee Eater

Its not often I get the chance to post twice in the same day but today was an exception.
I was just settling down to watch Man U against Barcelona when news of a bee eater on wires at easington came through.
Most bee eaters in East Yorks are flyovers so not wanting to miss out I set off from Hull at 7.55.
Got to Easington for about 8.30 to find only one birder there (nice to see you John) and the bird was perched on wires then occasionally flying to catch a bee and returning to the same spot.
It was also calling , then at about 8.40 it flew north and disappeared from view.
The photo does not really do it justice, however I was really pleased to get a shot of this magnificently coloured bird.
Hopefully it might hang around as there has been quite a few reports from the South bank just recently.