Bank Holiday Birds

I thought I would have a look around canal scrape on saturday night for the melodious warbler, then a message from Birdguides had me diverting to patrington Haven for a terek sandpiper!
I got there about 5 minutes before the Spurn regulars-it was like wack races on the lane leading to the car park!
A quick walk and I was on the bank-the terek was showing distantly on some islands amongst the flood plane.
It kept moving out of view then flying up quite mobile.
It then settled on a small pool (still distantly) but the sun came out highlighting its de-curved bill and orange lesg.
A stunning bird it was a shame it didn't come closer.
Then on to Spurn for a quick view of the melodious warbler before it settled disappeared for the night.
I had an early start on Sunday-back to Pat Haven-no sign of the terek but I got some nice views of a little egret in superb light.
Back to Kilnsea after tea for some stunning views of the marsh warbler albeit quite brief-I was quite happy with these shots.
A few decent birds around just lateley-maybe a chance of a late fall like last Spring seeing as the weather conditions look quite favourable.