Swine Moor

I've been to Swine Moor on the last couple of days on the lookout for another rare wader.
last night it was quite still and there was millions of flies, I walked round towards the stone bridge and almost immediately I saw a flock of about 100 golden plover, some extremely smart in their summer plumage.
Further towards the bridge there was quite a few snipe and a couple of ruff.
I then walked all the way round to the river Hull, not much on the way roud apart from plenty of willow warblers and a singing yellowhammer.
walking back along the riverbank I saw a single little ringed plover,grey heron and a couple of redshank.
Almost oppossite the stone bridge I saw a small wader on the edge of the biggest pool, speckled back and yellow legs- a wood sandpiper, my first of the year.Not quite a mega but very nice all the same.
On the way back there was a pair of little egrets a few pied wagtails, 6 yellow wagtails a pair of whimbrel and 2 singing reed warblers.
When I went back today I went the same way as yesterday, but on the bank of barmston drain, there was a nice sight of swallows and housemartins gathering mud or nestbuilding.
I watched them come back and forth for about an hour along with a single yellow wagtail and a noisy kingfisher flitting up and down the drain.
The wind was much stronger today so I didn't go all the way round, but the wood sandpiper was on the same pool again.
Not much else about.