had a quick scoot down to Spurn tonight on the off chance of connecting with one of the recently reported wrynecks.

I passed a few birders on the way down to the point and all confirmed that a wryneck had shown earlier in the day but there had been no sign since.

I had a look in the area called the parade ground and in the 15 minutes I was there I was suprised by the amount of birds there.

wheatear,spotted flycatcher,willow warbler, whinchat and some beautifully marked redstarts.

But no wryneck.

Then a guy on a bike came along and said there was a wryneck in the next car park down past the lighthouse (heading north).

As I got there there was a small crowd and the usual 'its just been showing for 10 inutes but gone to ground'.

After a while it appeared on a bush and I managed a couple of record shots, then to everybody's amazement it took flight and landed about 10m away!

Wow what a beautifully marked bird, it was happy to feed out in the open for at least 20 minutes I was pleased with these shots as the light was rapidly depleating, there was a sense of expectation at Spurn tonight as reports of a hawfinch and waxwing crackeled over someones radio.

Prospects are looking good.