Windy day at Blacktoft

Black Tailed Godwit
Spotted Redshank

Avocet & Chick
Green Sandpiper
I had a ride out to Blacktoft Sands yesterday for a look at the waders, and hoping to get some decent shots of the spotted redshanks.
Unfortunately it was probably one of the windiest June days on record and most of the birds were seeking shelter near the reeds at the far end of the Marshlands lagoon.
A nice bonus was the summer plumaged male ruff, he kept his distance but a nice bird all the same.
The lagoon was quite busy with plenty of avocets, a pair of green sandpipers ,the ruff, 4 spotted redshanks including one in none breeding plumage and some nice black tailed godwits.
One of the locals said that the levels of the lagoon had been dropped by about 6 inches and this had made all the difference for the waders to feed.
Hopefully there might be something special in the next few weeks as all the breeding birds return from the north.