Lesser Yellowlegs

Went down to Swinemoor a couple of times this week, both early morning visits and with wildly varying results.
The firt trip was Wednesday morning and the fog was like pea soup.
Fortunately the bird stayed long enough for me to have another crack at it and this morning the sun was up, the conditions were perfect.
I parked up at Hullbridge and walked south along the riverbank, the flooded field to the west were full of birds lapwing,redshank,shellduck,ruff,golden plover,snipe and greenshank.
Almost opposite the hump back bridge I niticed a dark coloured wader, and yes, this was it!
Took some record shots then carried on walking south.
Fortunately the yellowlegs was feeding at the edge of the pool nearest the riverbank.
It stayed in the same area for about 2or3 minutes -just enought time to get some decent shots.
First one i've ever seen, really chuffed, made my day.
I was back at the car for 7.30am thoroughly pleased with the mornings work.